Baptism Checklist

Step 1 – Contact Us

Call or email Andrea Marx at least 1 month prior to your child’s baptism. (231)938-9214

We will have a brief conversation to determine your family’s unique needs and how best to proceed. This step is essential to ensure we are both on the same page from the start. Therefore, we will not schedule your child’s baptism until we have a chance to talk to you first.

Step 2 – Submit Baptism Request Form

This information will be used to record the celebration of the sacrament in the parish’s official sacramental records. When your child is later confirmed and celebrates either holy matrimony or holy orders, anywhere in the world, the record of that celebration will be recorded at the parish where he/she was baptized. (Form embedded below)

Step 3 – Attend Baptism Prep Class

This step is generally for first time parents. If you have attended a Baptism prep class previously for another child you are not required to take the class again.

Step 4 – Schedule Baptism

Baptisms are generally scheduled immediately following weekend Masses.

Step 5 – Select Godparents and Submit Godparent Forms

Godparents stand as representatives of the Catholic Church during the celebration of baptism but also provide the parents with support in raising their children in the Catholic faith. This form ensures that a godparent is eligible according to the Church’s law to assume this duty. You may have a minimum of one Godparent and a maximum of two (one male, one female). Godparents must be over 16, confirmed, in a valid sacramental marriage (if married) or living a chaste single life (if not married), and be actively practicing the faith. Godparents must provide a letter of good standing from their home parish if they are not registered at Christ the King. (Godparent forms are also embeded below.) Please return these forms along with validation before the scheduled baptism.

Step 6 – Celebrate Your Child’s Baptism!

Congratulations to you and your little one! Today begins the life-long journey of receiving and being transformed by the radical love of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to the family!